Cook Book of Popular Norske Recipes Antique Cookbook

The First Lutheran Ladies' Aid of Minnesota published this 1924 antique cookbook, Popular Norse Recipes. The cookbook is extremely rare and a nice collectible for a collection. 


Format: Hardcover, 82 pages. (Dimension: 7-1/2" x 5-1/4") 

Copyright: 1924 

Publisher: Mohn Printing Company 

Author: First Lutheran Ladies Aid, Minnesota 

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Description: In presenting this little volume to the public, it is not the intention to add any information to the large store of knowledge upon the general subject of cooking. It is felt, however, that Norwegian dishes have been a source of much enjoyment in thousands of homes throughout America since the first descendants of Norway came to this country. Norwegians are famous for their interest and care in the preparation of good things to eat — and the result — a product of rare excellence and character. 


Condition: This is a very good condition antique cookbook. One spread has darker paper from a newspaper clip stored inside the pages. Cover has a faded stain. Further good condition. 

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