Normandy Gastronomique French Cookbook

Normandy Gastronomique Cookbook features French recipes from the  romantic region in France known for its culinary sophistication. Each of the five regions in Normandy are included in this cookbook. You will enjoy many color photos as this cookbook takes you on a journey through Normandy. This is a stunning French cookbook! 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 160 pages - British Edition. 

Copyright: 1993 

Publisher: Octopus Publising Group 

Author: Jane Sigal 

ISBN: 9781850294238

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Description: The quest for Normandy gastronomique is an odyssey of charm, simplicity and romance. This great province of France boasts rich traditions of cheesemaking, cidermaking and fruit-growing, but its gastronomic delights extend far beyond its world-famous Camembert and Calvados. 

Among its lush pastures, bustling fishing ports and elegant resorts, the traveller will find a wealth of seafood, cheeses and classic dishes, restaurants offering an old-fashioned welcome and good family food, and a tradition of cider, poire and Calvados-making that will satisfy the fussiest of bons viveurs. 

In this book, the culinary traditions of Normandy's five regions are unravelled. The emphasis is on what exists there today: whether an old tradition revived or an import given a Norman twist, each has relevance for the food-minded traveller. 

Jane Sigal includes special features on the making of a farmhouse cheese, the pressing of cider, even on the world-famous copper cooking pots that originate from Manche. 

Over half the book is taken up with recipes from each of the regions, including legendary dishes such as Poulet Vallee d'Auge, with its extravagant blending of chicken, cream, Calvados and apples, and Teurgoule, the famous Norman rice pudding. 

For the traveller, the carefully focussed Visitor's Guide directs the tourist to a wealth of restaurants, markets, museums and other places with a food interest. 

With outstanding recipes, lively text, and 200 richly evocative photographs of the region, Normandy Gastronomique is the essential travelling companion, a celebration of the unique invention of the moment and the classic repertoire that together make up Norman cuisine. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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