Beverly Hills Hadassah Cookbook Noodles to Strudels Vol 2

Beverly Hills Hadassah cookbook - From Noodles to Strudels Volume 2 is a Jewish community cookbook. You'll find the treasured recipes from the organization inside its pages. This is one of the sequel books in the popular cookbook series. 


Format: Hardcover, 228 pages 

Copyright: 1980 

Publisher: Beverly Hills Chapter of Hadassah, Beverly Hills 

Author: Lily Rosman and Ruth Lasman 

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Description: Beverly Hills Chapter of Hadassah assembled a group of well traveled, creative cooks who shared their precious recipes, prepared, tasted and criticized for eight months. We all came from a variety of cooking traditions and our discussions were heated, earnest and objective. A consensus had to be reached on every recipe so that even a novice could try a recipe for company and be confident of success. Joe Joyce, who created the eye-catching cover and designed Volume One, generously worked with us again. The enchanting drawings by Leona Hertzberg, which charmed everyone in our first book, add to the continuity and attractiveness of Volume Two. Penny Zachary, our resident author, raconteur and wit helped us with the sparkling captions. 

The past decade has revealed surprisingly many changes. Most Beverly Hills Hadassah kitchens have food processors. Chores that were too time consuming for busy volunteers can now be done in seconds by a machine. We have added the wok our arsenal to fight skyrocketing prices of food. We've discovered how far a chicken and a little beef with stretch, blended with the exotic spices of the East. We have become health conscious, cutting down on sugars, salt and eggs and reading labels carefully. But our desserts are delectable and most of them are not life threatening. Though we have borrowed something from cuisines of many lands, our favorites are our Jewish recipes. These treasures are a link in the chain of our own heritage from mother to daughter and will always identify a Jewish table and the Baleboosteh* who manages a Jewish home. 


Condition: Bookboards and interior pages are in very nice condition. 

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