Good Food Served Right North Country New York

Traditional recipes and food customs from New York's North Country are found inside the Good Food Served Right cookbook. 


Format: Hardcover internal spiral bound, 350 pages. 

Copyright: 2000 

Publisher: Wimmer Books 

Author: Lynn Case Ekfelt 

ISBN: 9780967877402

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Description: North of the Mohawk River in central New York is a vast area known to most of the world for the grandeur of its woods and waters, with a population, according to an old local joke, that is "more cows than people." This "North Country" also is home, however, to a surprising diversity of cultural groups who have adopted and adapted to the local landscape with a rich tapestry of customs and traditions, among those producing and serving good food. 

Folklorist and celebrated home cook Lynn Ekfelt has researched in communities all over northern New York to produce this very informative and entertaining book called Good Food, Served Right. The result is this collection of historical sketches, recipes, and essays about family and community gatherings to let you know that "we are what we eat." 

  • Explore the back roads and small towns of one of America's premier wilderness areas 
  • Discover the good smells and flavors of country fairs, local diners, church dining rooms, and family kitchens 
  • Visit with Amish women canning peaches, a river guide preparing shore dinners, or volunteer firemen barbecuing chickens 
  • Experience foods as diverse as cheese curds, wedding hash, whoopie pies, and dandelion wine 
  • Celebrate the importance of food in keeping families and communities together 
  • Re-create or adopt some heirloom dishes for your own family 


Condition: Good condition. 

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