New York a La Carte Restaurants Cookbook

New York a La Carte cookbook showcases 250 recipes from 75 of New York's top restaurants including The Four Seasons, Cafe de Artistes, Lutece, Sardi's, and more. There are also little summaries about each restaurant. This is a fun cookbook contains nostalgic recipes from New York's legendary culinary scene. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 381 pages. 

Copyright: 1978 

Publisher: McGraw Hill Book Company 

Author: Jay Jacobs 

ISBN: 9780070321519

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Description:  In this urbane, witty, and authoritative book, Jay Jacobs takes the reader on a behind-the-scenes tour of the dining rooms and kitchens of New York's restaurants -- from such glittering establishments as Lutece, The Four Seasons, "21," and Windows on the World to unpretentious bistros where the great chefs dine on their nights off. With this indispensable guide, food and restaurant buffs all across the country can now enjoy the exact menus of their favorite New York restaurant without moving farther than their own dining rooms. 

Not only is this a superb cookbook, with scores of previously unpublished recipes from the master chefs of the dining capital of the world, but also a restaurant guide, an informal history, and a treasury of restaurant lore. In his wry, entertaining, and always informative style, Jacobs conducts a grand tour of the world of the gourmet, records his own conversations with famous chefs and restaurateurs, traces modern menus to their origins in the distant past, and enables the reader to prepare and serve great restaurant meals in the comfort of his own home. 

With over 250 recipes from some 75 restaurants, this elegantly illustrated book is the definitive volume for the increasing number of Americans who take their food and their dining seriously. 


Condition: Back cover has two small tears in jacket. Inside back cover has sticker removal spot. Interior very good condition.

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