The New Pennsylvania Dutch Cook Book

The New Pennsylvania Dutch Cook Book is a 1958 vintage cookbook with 135 recipes for all the popular regional dishes from generations of Pennsylvania Dutch families. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 240 pages. 

Copyright: 1958, BCE 

Publisher: Harper & Row Publishers 

Author: Ruth Hutchison 

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Description: The success of the first edition of this book has encouraged the author to add 135 new recipes to her collection, including much Moravian material. Here are the famous Pennsylvania Dutch specialties, like sauerbraten, scrapple, hexel and mummix, Schnitz un Knepp, the sweets and sours, and the profusion of breads and desserts so characteristic of the region. 

Ever since George Washington learned about Pennsylvania Dutch cooking at Valley Forge and took his cook back to Mount Vernon with him, these foods have been growing in popularity. The author has spent years collecting her recipes and has made sure that they are not only the best and most authentic, but also that the dishes are cookable in modern terms and pleasing to modern tastes. Most of her recipes come from the old hand-written cook books of bygone days, and all have been carefully tested. 

Mrs. Hutchison's introduction, as well as her notes and comments, provide much fascinating background information on the Pennsylvania Dutch history and customs. Written especially for this edition, the new material is as charming and authentic as the drawings by Tim Palmer which illustrate the book. 


Condition: Good condition. Small tears in jacket. Interior jacket flap is clipped. 

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