Creole Feast Cookbook - Master Chefs of New Orleans

Creole Feast Cookbook - Master Chefs of New Orleans uncovers the secret recipes of 15 master chefs from New Orleans. With 319 recipes in all, you won't be short on choice. Some of the great chefs include Nathaniel Burton of Broussard's, Larry Williamson of Galatoires, Annie Laura Squalls of the Caribbean Room in Hotel Pontchartrain and Charles Bailey of Braniff Place in the Grand Hotel. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 298 pages. 

Copyright: 1978 

Publisher: Random House 

Author: Nathaniel Burton and Rudy Lombard 

ISBN: 9780394413280

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Description: 319 individualized recipes by 15 masters of the art of Creole cooking.  

The chefs and cooks who actually prepare the meals in the famous New Orleans restaurants (Broussard's, The Caribbean Room, Dooky Chase, Chez Helene, Corinne Dunbar's, Bon Ton, etc.) were meticulously interviewed and carefully observed in order to compile over 300 recipes, representing the best and the most authentic examples of this specialized but universally loved food.

From Crepe Souffle to Bread Pudding with Whiskey Sauce, from Oysters Bienville to Fried Catfish, from Turtle Soup to Red Beans and Rice, this cuisine achieves the taste of luxury with the methods of thrift. Includes over forty stocks and sauces: beef stocks, chicken stock, shellfish stock and fish stock, Marchand de Vin, Fish Veloute, Fines Herbes Sauce and more -- and since the essence of Creole cooking, as in jazz, is inventiveness and experimentation, Creole Feast also includes four different recipes for hollandaise sauce by four different chefs, five turtle soups, six gumbos, two Trout Marguery, five stuffed eggplants, three Oysters Rockefeller and many more variations of special dishes.

In addition, each chef describes -- in his own words -- his work, methods and expertise. How to make a frozen fish taste like a fresh one. How to cut up a chicken without loosening the skin. Creole Feast surpasses all previous Creole cookbooks in every way. 


Condition: Good condition. Dust jacket has minor shelf wear. 

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