The New Orleans Cookbook

The New Orleans Cookbook presents Creole and Cajun recipes from the city's restaurants, cafes, mansions and country kitchens. From beignets to dirty rice, all of New Orleans' regional dishes are sure to be found inside this special cookbook from this favorite destination place in America's South. 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket with plastic protective sleeve, 244 pages 

Copyright: 1978. Sixth printing 

Publisher: Alfred A. Knopf Publisher 

Author: Rima and Richard Collin 

ISBN: 9780394488981

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Description: A gumbo of fresh-caught crabs, oysters, shrimps ... a jambalaya from the Cajun country ... the peppery red beans and rice that Louis Armstrong loved... Antoine's famous pompano baked in a paper crescent ... hot puffy rice cakes once hawked on the streets of the Vieux Carre -- these are some of the mouth-watering delights that bring travelers flocking to New Orleans. Combining the culinary traditions of France, Spain, and Africa with the Indian gift of New World ingredients, Creole cooking blends and balances these strains to produce its own unique and exciting style. And to cook its authentic dishes, you have to be in on the secrets. They're revealed -- lavishly and clearly -- in The New Orleans Cookbook. 

How do you arrive at the essential flavor of these marvelous Creole creations? Which of the recipes for local specialties (passed from generation to generation but seldom written down) is the best of its kind? How do you get the desired deep color and smoky overtones of the all-important roux? These are some of the keys to New Orleans cuisine that can be found only in this book. Rima and Richard Collin have spent years tracking down the best dishes in the city and the countryside, working them out in their own kitchen, then translating them into such careful, easy-to-follow directions that their book will be a boon to all cooks -- local aficionados as well as delighted visitors to New Orleans who want to make "the real thing" when they return home. 

Now, wherever you live, you can truly cook Creole. The deliciously light and crusty New Orleans French bread ... a French Quarter breakfast with eggs Sardou, freshly fried beignets, hot cafe au laic, and bananas flambe ...a fabulous main course as served in one of the grand restaurants... a hearty traditional Acadian pot dinner that provides a festive party dish in which (priceless culinary magic in these expensive times) a bit of chicken or meat goes a long way ... and much, much more. Every recipe is worked out step by step -- and although substitutes for hard-to-find local ingredients are provided in most cases, perfectionists will be delighted with the excellent list of mail-order sources for fresh crayfish, indigenous spices, the inimitable New Orleans chicory coffee, etc., etc. 

But this is more than a book of superb recipes. The source and lore of various dishes are described in charming informative commentaries. An album of photographs with narrative captions invites you to savor the gastronomic history of New Orleans from its beginning. No regional cuisine in this country is more colorful, more evocative, or more famous. Loving it, wanting to share and preserve its specialness, Rima and Richard Collin have created a book that brings the true flavors of New Orleans, the joys of Creole and Cajun cookery, to Americans everywhere. 


Condition: Good condition with protective sleeve. Corner tip has very tiny tear. 

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