New Home Cooking Cookbook - Feeding Family Feasting Friends

New Home Cooking sookbook - Feeding Family Feasting Friends is a James Beard Awards Best Book Winner. The recipes in this cookbook reflect the evolution of home cooking where home cooks have gone beyond classic fare to create dishes that are homey, yet sophisticated. Scallion Pancakes, Chinese Meatballs in Cabbage with Five-Spice Rice, Quick Corn Soup, Stir-Fried Okra, Baked Apricots, Whole Wheat Pecan Cake, and so many more flavorful recipes are found inside this award-winning New Home Cooking cookbook. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 238 pages 

Copyright: 1991 

Publisher: Clarkson Potter/Publishers 

Author: Florence Fabricant 

ISBN: 9780517577226

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Description: Home cooking has undergone a stunning evolution in the last decade. Building on a sturdy, time-honored repertoire of family favorites, innovative home cooks have broadened their horizons to encompass the dazzling variety of ingredients now available to them, the excitement of restaurant cooking, the flavors of international cuisines -- and a more enlightened attitude toward health and nutrition. The result is classic, homey fare with a surprising twist—meals that are comforting enough to serve to family, yet sophisticated enough for guests. 

Florence Fabricant has created more than three dozen menus that epitomize new home cooking at its best. Choose from Homestyle Dinners featuring hearty veal shanks en carbonnade, skate and tomato glossed with olive oil, lentil salad with beets, smokey risotto, and lush peach Tatin cake. Simple Suppers and Lunches offers clams and tomatoes with linguine or duck lo mein, followed by the sweet surprise of lemon-pepper pears splashed with grappa or old-fashioned chocolate pudding. Menus for Holiday and Buffet Entertaining includes a grand aioli for twenty, a delightful breakfast spread of overnight French toast and melon margaritas, and even menus and recipes devised by the author's children. 

Yet New Home Cooking is more than just a collection of recipes. Throughout, the author shares her love of food and the expertise gleaned from nearly twenty years of writing about food, offering invaluable shopping, planning, and preparation tips that enable any cook to share the bounty of the table with family and friends. 


Condition: Dust jacket corner is lightly worn. Further good condition. 

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