New Classic Cuisine by Albert and Michel Roux: Signed Edition

New Classic Cuisine by Albert and Michel Roux: Signed Edition is inscribed and autographed by chef Michel Roux of the Roux brothers. Here is French cuisine at its best with many step-by-step photo demonstrations and standout French recipes that have been reinterpreted as the Roux brothers' own. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 256 pages. 

Copyright: 1983 

Publisher: Prentice-Hall 

Author: Albert and Michel Roux 

ISBN: 9780356093925

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Description: This book will set new culinary standards for a generation. It epitomizes the views, philosophy and creative kitchen expertise of the two foremost French chefs of the present day -- Michel and Albert Roux. Between them, the Roux brothers have over 50 years of experience of cooking in grand houses and in the top restaurants of the world. They are also holders of five of the coveted Michelin stars and five Egon Ronay stars. New Classic Cuisine is the definitive French cookery book for the 1980s, based on their superb and innovative skills. 

There are as many individual interpretations of classic cuisine as there are great chefs. The secrets of the tradition were originally passed from chef to chef and it was not until they were recorded by Escoffier that they became widely available as recipes and guidelines. Having mastered all these principles, the Roux brothers set to work to create their own version of the great tradition. Centered firmly on basic skills and crafts, this takes full account of the demands of time, the nature of people and of individual tastes. What has emerged is new, but classic, bringing together the cuisine of the past and that of today. 

After short biographical sketches of the two brothers as seen by each other, the book begins with three chapters of introduction. The first of these sets out the brothers' philosophy and aesthetics of cooking, their views on traditional French cuisine, la cuisine nouvelle, and the cooking of the future. The second is devoted to wines, showing what is suited to accompany great French food at its best. The third contains information on choosing and buying ingredients, stressing the importance of freshness, and basic kitchen equipment, plus special features on cheeses and Roux tips and tricks of the trade. 

The next nine chapters are the core of the book. Starting with bread, stocks -- the most important elements of good cooking -- marinades and sauces, over 150 mouthwatering recipes lay the foundation for a real understanding of classic French cuisine. With selections on soups, pates and terrines, egg dishes, salads, shellfish and crustaceans, fish, game and poultry, meat, vegetables, and puddings and desserts, every aspect of the menu is covered. Photographs and specially commissioned drawings combine with the text to ensure the recipes are delicious to read as well as to eat. 


Condition: Good condition. Jacket has light shelf wear. 

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