New Classic Chinese Cookbook

The New Classic Chinese Cookbook by respected chef Mai Leung, details more than 200 Chinese recipes for a variety of regions. Leung makes the recipes easy-to-follow with step-by-step guidance. 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 348 pages 

Copyright: 1998 

Publisher: Council Oak Publishing 

Author: Mai Leung 

ISBN: 9781571780522

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Description: From the inspiration of 5,000 years of Chinese culinary culture and from her own childhood in China comes Mai Leung's New Classic Chinese Cookbook. Her original Classic Chinese Cookbook earned her a reputation as one of the most admired chefs of Chinese cuisine in America. Now, as the attention of the world turns toward the new face of China, Mai Leung brings to us an extensively revised edition of this classic with dozens of new recipes, an enticing and authentic chapter on dim sum, and an added section on tofu and vegetables. 

More than 200 carefully detailed recipes represent the best-loved dishes of Peking, Szechwan, Hunan, Canton, Fukien, and Kiangsu. Many feature intriguing Chinese ingredients only recently available in the West. Attentive to modern health concerns, Mai Leung uses steaming techniques for some classics which previously called for frying in oil. She also adapts delicious but leaner ingredients to some of the more sumptuous dishes which lose none of their flavor while gaining in healthfulness. 

As she introduces the recipes, Mai Leung tells the fascinating stories of the background and mythology of particular foods, acquainting the reader with Chinese cultural history, and the life of the family today. Mai Leung is famous for making even the most complex and subtle cooking techniques easy for an amateur to understand and practice. Her recipes are always clear and concise, taking the cook step-by-step through the experience of preparing authentic Chinese dishes. 

The New Classic Chinese Cookbook will be an evergreen necessity in the kitchen of every lover of Chinese food and culture. 


Condition: Front cover has a light stain at the top edge. See photo. 

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