New Chinese Cooking School Cookbook

New Chinese Cooking School Cookbook offers step-by-step instruction in preparing Chinese cuisine. The cookbook is loaded with photos of finished dishes. The author, Kenneth Lo is the owner of London's acclaimed Memories of China restaurant. 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 287 pages 

Copyright: 1985 

Publisher: HP Books 

Author: Kenneth Lo 

ISBN: 9780895864062

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Description:  Kenneth Lo enjoys a preeminent reputation among Chinese cookery writers. His previous books on the subject have won him recognition world-wide and have been instrumental in developing in the West a lively interest in Chinese food. The proprietor of one of London's best-known Chinese restaurants and founder of a renowned cookery school, Kenneth Lo brings to this book his unrivaled culinary and teaching expertise and offers practical instruction in the skills of Chinese cooking. 

In this attractive and authoritative book, comprehensive instruction in the mastering of dishes old and new is provided, from the basics of equipping your kitchen with the appropriate utensils and ingredients to suggested menus for varying numbers of diners. 

Step-by-step instruction in the basic techniques of preparation and cooking methods are also included. The main regional styles are examined -- from the delicate freshness of Shanghai to the spicy, aromatic dishes of Sichuan, and from the magnificent mountain fare of the north to the more widely known style of the Cantonese south, and examples of dishes from each of these regions given. 

Kenneth Lo brings to each of the recipes included in this volume his own inimitable touch and provides for novice and experienced cook alike helpful tips that will ensure culinary success. Of particular interest will be the section on menus, which covers the basics of knowing how much food to prepare or order for a meal to the intricacies of combining dishes for harmony and contrast. 

This is a book full of novel ways of looking at Chinese cuisine and exploring the lessons that can be learned from it by Western cooks, especially in terms of the dietary benefits that may be derived from eating Chinese-style and adopting some of their culinary practices. 

In addition to containing a wealth of practical information, New Chinese Cooking School conveys a sense of Kenneth Lo's very individual approach to cooking and will provide a constant source of inspiration for the creative home cook. 


Condition: Jacket has minor shelf wear. Further good condition. 

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