The New Antoinette Pope School Cookbook

The New Antoinette Pope School Cookbook comes to you from a legendary cooking school in Chicago. This 930 page vintage cookbook is packed with recipes and instruction and was designed for beginning and experienced cooks alike. This is a popular collectible cookbook and will make a great addition to your collection. 


Format: Hardcover, 930 pages. 

Copyright: 1972 

Publisher: The Macmillan Company 

Author: Antoinette and Francois Pope 

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Description: Ever since the Antoinette Pope School of Fancy Cookery in Chicago has been in existence, requests for recipes have come from people who had heard of the school but were unable to attend. Now anyone who wishes to serve delicious food such as the Antoinette Pope School is noted for can do so by using this book. It can easily be understood, and perfect results will be obtained if the recipes are followed exactly. 

Beginners, as well as the more experienced cooks who merely wish to add to their repertoire of fine dishes, can try these carefully tested recipes with assurance. Over thirty years of experience in creating new recipes and improvising on old, and thousands of hours of testing and retesting and teaching cookery have gone into the preparation of this book. Its purpose is to help the average homemaker in her own kitchen to increase her knowledge and skill in cooking. 

One of the amusing questions frequently asked the Popes is "Just how did you get this way about cooking?" They claim that it all stems from their childhood days. On both sides of the families there were professional cooks (French and Italian). One relative in particular conducted a Parisian cafe and had many continental chefs as friends. Through this association and, the Popes suppose, an inborn love of good food, they have many friends among American and European chefs. But, actually, their cooking school was the outgrowth of suggestions from a few friends who liked the food the Popes served them in their home and who continually asked to know more about their methods of cooking. They prevailed upon the Popes to give them a few lessons in cookery, and that was the beginning of the Antoinette Pope School of Fancy Cookery over thirty years ago. 

It is the hope of the authors that the use of their recipes will stimulate the desire of many thousands for further knowledge in the fine art of cookery. 


Condition: Good condition. Very light cover cloth wear at corners. 

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