The Nero Wolfe Cookbook

The Nero Wolfe Cookbook is a collectible cookbook that contains 225 original recipes themed around the Nero Wolfe detective stories by author Rex Stout. Join Fritz Brenner and Wolfe in the kitchen! 


Format: Hardcover, 203 pages. 

Copyright: 1973 

Publisher: The Viking Press 

Author: Rex Stout 

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Description: Nero Wolfe, often billed as the greatest detective in the world, owes much of his impressive bulk (which amounts to about one-seventh of a ton) to his all-consuming interest in good food. He not only ingests an enormous quantity of it, but also knows a great deal about it, and the Nero Wolfe stories are replete with Archie Goodwin's appetizing descriptions of the superb dishes served in the old brownstone on West 35th Street. 

For years Rex Stout's many fans have pleaded with him to reveal the secret mysteries of Wolfe's kitchen, and, after much consultation with his characters, he has served up this delightful collection of coveted recipes. Some of them are of Wolfe's own making (the Kanawha Spa dinner, for example), but most of them have been prepared exclusively by Fritz Brenner, his faithful and ingenious major domo, who can whip up perfect shad roe mousse Pocahontas, Kentucky Burgoo, squirrel stew, apricot omelet, corn fritters with wild-thyme honey, or blueberry grunt without batting an eye. "The facts about food and cooking can be learned and understood by anyone with good sense," Fritz tells us, "but if the feeling of the art of cooking is not in your blood and bones the most you can expect is that what you put on your table will be manageable. If it is sometimes memorable, that will be only good luck. Mr. Wolfe says that the secrets of the art of great cooking, like those of any art, are not in the brain. He says that no one knows where they are." Together Fritz and his employer probably make up one of the few truly great cooks in the world. 

In addition to more than 225 recipes, The Nero Wolfe Cookbook includes commentary on the care and feeding of a genius by Archie, no mean connoisseur himself, and a substantial helping of information and culinary philosophy from the great man. 


Condition: Good condition with faded cover art that has a few small specks and frays. 

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