Nanny's Texas Table at the Houghton Ranch

Nanny's Texas Table at the Houghton Ranch brings your recipes from the famous cattle ranch and farm in Texas. Here are the delicious Southern and Tex-Mex recipes from Martha Houghton (Nanny). 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 250 pages. 

Copyright: 1987 

Publisher: Simon & Schuster 

Author: Larry Ross 

ISBN: 9780671625344

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Description: In her part of the world -- the Texas Panhandle -- Martha "Nanny" Houghton was known and loved for her high spirits, her tough-mindedness, and the generosity and quality' of her table.

The Houghton Ranch, a working cattle ranch and truck farm, is one of the region's oldest and largest. Practically everything served at the Ranch was raised there. Even a passing good cook could excel with such splendid products. In Nanny's hands they became meals powerful in the memories of those who shared them -- metaphors almost for the Ranch itself, and now the inspiration for this book. 

Nanny's cooking was country at its core, Southern in nuance, spiked by the Tex-Mex style favored along the border, and embellished by whatever in her travels or her reading happened to catch her fancy. The result was a way of cooking, dining, and entertaining that was at once one talented woman's creation and an accurate reflection of a strong, regional American foodstyle. 

Here, then, are Martha "Nanny" Houghton's specialties -- Sagebrush Soup; Green Tomato Mincemeat; preserves, pickles, and relishes; Cowboy Biscuits, Spoon Bread, and White Com Bread. Here is barbecue, too -- spare ribs for one, shrimp for another -- and Tex-Mex specialties as served up at the Ranch -- Unc's Texas Red chili and Nanny's Enchilada Stack. Nanny was particularly innovative with vegetables, and her Eggplant Fritters, Onion Pie, and Squash Souffle are but a sampling; and her Venison Burgers and Grilled Mallard are just two of the special game dishes included here. 

Desserts were practically in a class by themselves at the Houghton Ranch, and among the favorites gathered here are Alva T.'s 7-Up Cake, Fudge Cake, Sweet Potato Pie, Peach Ice Cream, and "Fat Farm" Peanut Brittle. In Nanny's Texas Table, Martha Houghton's favorite recipes are presented with a first-hand account of life at the Houghton Ranch and photographs from family albums. 


Condition: Good condition. Light shelf wear. 


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