Mark Peel and Nancy Silverton at Home Cookbook

Mark Peel and Nancy Silverton at Home Cookbook by the acclaimed chefs of Campanile restaurant in Los Angeles reveal their approach to the best home cooking. Who says sophisticated restaurant techniques can't be successfully adapted for easy home use? 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 332 pages 

Copyright: 1994, First Printing 

Publisher: Warner Books 

Author: Mark Peel and Nancy Silverton 

ISBN: 9780446517362

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Description: Like many modern cooks, you may want to serve stylish, savory meals, but find that life in the nineties seems to get in the way. Now, acclaimed chefs Mark Peel and Nancy Silverton share their personal approach to the best home cooking, even if you are the busiest of cooks. 

Mark and Nancy are as busy as a couple can be: They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner at their celebrated Campanile restaurant in Los Angeles; they run a wildly popular bakery, featuring Nancy's Old World hearth and sourdough breads; and they are devoted to their two children. Yet they still find time to serve tasty, intimate dinners at home. 

Now, in their first joint cookbook, this accomplished culinary couple prove that sophisticated restaurant techniques can be successfully adapted for easy home use. Many of the recipes will appeal to children. Others are elegant enough for company. All mix inventive combinations of ingredients with quick-cooking methods to create utterly tempting meals. 

No matter how busy you are, you'll be able to grace your table with such delicious dishes as: 

  • Ginger Scones and Gingered Pear Marmalade--or an unusual treat, try a rich and tender cream biscuit studded with chopped candied ginger. The marmalade, flavored with fresh ginger and fresh pears, and dried ginger and dried pears, is also terrific folded into vanilla ice cream.
  • Pan-charred Broccoli in Hot Chili Oil - Fresh green florets and julienned stalks of broccoli are sauteed in olive oil and garlic-flavored chicken broth, then drenched in a red pepper- fresh lemon sauce. Just right with a mild white fish. *Boneless Pork Roast with Coriander-Pepper Crust - Tender loin of pork makes a succulent entree when smothered in a cayenne-coriander-garlic paste, then roasted to perfection. Especially flavorsome with potatoes and homemade applesauce.
  • Plum-Rhubarb Crisp - Tart spring rhubarb, sweet red plums, and jewel-like port wine are blended in a simply scrumptious dessert. The crunchy streusel topping is lightly spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg, and cardamom.

As practical as it is handsome, this book also features a special section on pantry staples and basic kitchen equipment, and it offers a diverse selection of delectable menus. 


Condition: Very good condition. 

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