Mystery Chef Never Fail Cookbook - Vintage 1949

This vintage 1949 Mystery Chef Never Fail Cookbook is from the famous radio and TV chef. This is a collectible cookbook that is a nice addition to a collection. Recipes cover many different cuisines from German to Indian and Hungarian. 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket with plastic protective sleeve, 190 pages 

Copyright: 1949 

Publisher: Garden City Books 

Author: Mystery Chef 

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Description: The Mystery Chef has had such success for twenty-three years teaching millions of Americans how to cook that he can make this unheard-of guarantee. If you don't cook better meals at a real saving (more than twice the cost of this book in one week) using his simple, easy-to-follow recipes and methods -- simply write to the Mystery Chef, c/o Garden City Books, Garden City, New York, and he will refund your money. 

The Mystery Chef has written cook books that are in constant use in over ten million homes (there is even an edition of this book in Braille), yet no one that we know of has ever failed to have success with any recipe of his. He says: "Remember this: With this book, you should never have a failure in cooking. If you have ever followed a recipe and had a failure, then the fault was with the recipe you were using, and not with you." 

The Mystery Chef is NOT a professional cook -- he is a yachtsman, horseman and business executive who took up cooking as a hobby when a bachelor. For over forty years he has cooked every single meal in his home. In 1929 he began his world-famous radio talks, and has since received over 5,000,000 letters from grateful listeners to his radio and TV programs. 

The Never Fail Cook Book is the Mystery Chef's most notable guide to successful, practical cookery. It provides the recipes that all cooks look for: methods of preparing mouth-watering meals using ingredients that cut down the food budget -- better meals for less money. Both the expert cook and the utter novice, man or woman, boy or girl, will find this book a rewarding challenge. It contains a galaxy of succulent dishes -- from Eggs Poached in Cream and the Master Recipe for Beef Stew to exotic foreign specialties such as German Sauerbraten mit Kartoffel Klosse, Spanish Arroz con Pollo, Scotch Scones, Indian Curry, or Hungarian Guylas -- all made with easily obtainable ingredients. 

The Never Fail Cook Book is simple, detailed, and fool-proof. That is why anyone who can read -- even a child -- can become an expert cook through its step-by-step, simply worded directions. It's all here: explanation of cooking terms, comparative weights and measures, simplified baking for even the beginner -- and a whole section of invaluable Cooking Tips, such as making sour cream sweet, cutting onions without the eyes watering, how to cook cabbage without odor, how to be able to serve a delicious hot dinner within ten minutes, and 70 other unusual and helpful tips. 

The Never Fail Cook Book will give you delightful eating with surprising economy -- and don't forget that you are taking no risk in investing in it! It is guaranteed by the Mystery Chef himself. 


Condition: Bookboards and interior pages are in good condition. Front cover's top right corner area shows some slight creasing. The first blank pages show a personal owner's stamp and a name written small in pen. Dust jacket has some shelf wear. There is a tiny tear in the second page. Dust jacket comes with plastic protective sleeve. 

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