My Better Homes and Gardens Cook Book 1936

My Better Homes and Gardens Cook Book from 1936 is an absolute treasure. This vintage cookbook is a fantastic collectible and one of the scarcer editions. The cookbook offers hundreds of recipes and menus, as well as a place to file away recipes. 


Format: Hardcover with 3-ring binder and tabbed dividers 

Copyright: 1936, 14th Printing 

Publisher: Meredith Publishing Company 

Author: Better Homes and Gardens 

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Additional Details

Description: My Better Homes and Gardens Cook Book is not merely a collection of tested and tasted recipes. Instead, it meets certain definite requirements of being durable, able to be cleaned, easy to use, and in line with kitchens of the time. It is also designed to store choice recipes collected through the years. 


Condition: Binding rings are heavily rusted from age. Opening handful of pages have a lot of rust spots from rings. Further good condition. 

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