Mushroom Lover's Mushroom Cookbook

The Mushroom Lover's Mushroom Cookbook and Primer by Amy Farges contains over 175 recipes that feature fragrant, woodsy mushrooms front and center. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 340 pages. 

Copyright: 2000 

Publisher: Workman Publishing Company 

Author: Amy Farges and Christopher Styler 

ISBN: 9780761122029

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Description: Full of sweet succulence, toothsome crunch, and haunting flavors from earthy to fruity to nutty to seafoodlike, mushrooms offer the home cook a dazzling range of possibilities.There are meaty portobellos for the grill and delicate mousserons for the saute pan, pungent white truffles that demand a strong, starring role, and mild pompoms to marry with fresh herbs and fish. 

In a cookbook as rich and varied as its subject, Amy Farges shares her passion, her flawless taste, her innovative ideas and season-by-season experience. Draw out the woodsy soul of a morel with calvados and fresh cream. Pair rare, pine-tinged matsutakes with overlooked oxtail, ideal for Chinese red cooking. And for a dinner party, Roasted Squab with Black Truffles, or the glorious combination of Risotto with Corn and Chanterelles. 

Along the way are tips on preparing mushrooms for tempura, on the different uses of the stems and caps of cepes, and on substituting varieties -- know, for example, that the more commonly available shiitake makes an adequate stand-in for fresh porcini. 


Condition: Back jacket flap is slightly jagged at top edge. Further good condition. 

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