Mrs. Rasmussen's Book of One-Arm Cookery Vintage Cookbook - 1946

With Mrs. Rasmussen's Book of One-Arm Cookery is a vintage 1946 that is popular in cookbook collectors' circles. The author Mary Lasswell was a writer of humorous novels. Mrs. Rasmussen's was one of several key characters she wrote about in her books. 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket with plastic protective sleeve, 102 pages. 

Copyright: 1946 

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Company 

Author: Mary Lasswell 

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Description: Take a bottle of cold beer out of the icebox. Place an ashtray handy to the stove. Assemble your favorite wisecracks for the favorite friends who've gathered round. What's this -- a struggle over a hot stove? Lady, relax. You're having a high time cooking with SUDS!

Gone are the days when big or little pigs went to market. What do you care? With the odds and ends you brought home from the chain store and the tasty items Mrs. Rasmussen's Book of One-Arm Cookery tipped you off to buy at the Greek's you're making social history. When Mary has a little lamb the Lasswells have a big feast. Houdini never whipped a rabbit out of a hat with more ease than Mrs. L. extracts a meal from her larder. From Newport to Samoa and back again Mary has made herself -- and her friends -- at home in the twinkling of a saucepan. So will you when you're cooking with SUDS!

So light up, drink up, and don't laugh too hard at the asides from Mrs. Feeley and Miss Tinkham. The kitchen's the gayest room in the house when America's pin-up cook takes over. Ladies, gentlemen, and Lasswell fans, it gives us as much pleasure as it will you to offer you this two-dollar ticket to the one-armed cook's circus! Good eating!


Condition: Good condition. Dust jacket has several tears under the protective sleeve. Jacket flaps have been clipped inside at the corners. Cover page a name inscribed in ink. 

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