Mrs. Porter's Cook Book and Housekeepers' Companion

Mrs. Porter's Cook Book and Housekeepers' Companion is a 1974 reprint of Mrs. Porters second cookbook from 1891. Here you will find all kinds of recipes from simple to elaborate, along with household tips and information. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 391 pages. 

Copyright: 1974 

Publisher: Mcgraw-Hill Ryerson 

Author: Mrs. M. E. Porter 

ISBN: 9780070821453

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Description: Mrs. Porter's second cook book, originally published in 1891, is available once more, as welcome to the housekeeper needing help as to the collector of Victoriana. 

Mrs. Porter's recipes are as practical now as they were eighty years ago and will have especial charm for cooks looking for imaginative ways to use natural, unprocessed ingredients. None of the home-maker's concerns are neglected, from a recipe for home-made whitewash to a table giving a lady's chance of marrying. The charm and humor of the writing, as much as the soundness of the advice, will make Mrs. Porter a valued companion to many more generations of housekeepers. 

Portable soup, Oyster pudding, mushroom ketchup; dyspepsia bread, Introduction cake, Acquaintanceship cake, Jealousy Puffs, Engagement cake, Wedding cake. Spottsylvania pudding, Floating Islands, The Hidden Mountain; Cherry Bounce, Pumpkin Preserves, Chou Chou. 

Cookery for the Sick, Things Every Housekeeper Should Know; How to Set a Table, How to Receive and Entertain, How Lumped Sweetness May Gain in Grace. 


Condition: Good condition. Minor shelf wear. 

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