Mrs. Ma's Chinese Cookbook

This classic Mrs. Ma's Chinese Cookbook is a collectible vintage cookbook from 1965, originally published in 1960. The author stresses simplicity and ease of preparation and offers over 200 recipes with this mindset. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 178 pages. 

Copyright: 1965. Twelfth Printing 

Publisher: Charles E. Tuttle Company 

Author: Nancy Chih Ma 

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Description: Few persons who enjoy real Chinese cookery will fail to understand the old saying in the Far East that Chinese food, a Japanese wife, and an American home would make an ideal life for a man. And most of those, men and women alike, who have first tasted the delights of Chinese food in restaurants have wished to know how to create similar masterpieces at home without the aid of a chef. Fortunately, in this book Nancy Chih Ma provides them with this knowledge. 

For the benefit of those who are eager to learn the art, Mrs. Ma points out that Chinese food is not only easy to prepare but economical as well. A simple dish, as she observes, takes only 10 minutes to prepare and only 5 minutes to sauté or fry before serving. She also stresses that almost all of the ingredients called for in her recipes can be obtained without difficulty and that even the more exotic-sounding items are available at Chinese and Japanese food stores and restaurants in the larger Occidental cities. In cases where suitable substitutions can be made, she helpfully suggests these. She is equally helpful in providing the cook with information on the Chinese cuisine in general, on Chinese-style table setting and entertainment, on typical menus, on the proper preparation of rice and tea, and on the use of spices and flavorings. Best of all, the emphasis throughout her book is on time-saving and uncomplicated techniques. 

Mrs. Ma's skill in Chinese cooking is the result of more than ten years of intensive study during which she has explored every phase of the art. Here, enticingly illustrated, are the secrets of her kitchen, set down in more than 200 tempting and easy-to-follow recipes and supplemented by a treasury of helps and hints for producing master-pieces of Chinese cookery at home. 


Condition: Small tear in jacket and clipped interior jacket flap. Jacket has plastic protector. Further good condition.. 

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