Mrs. Freyer's Cook Book and Practical Home Economics 1926

Mrs. Freyer's Cook Book and Practical Home Economics is a 1926 vintage cookbook. The cookbook is both instructional and rich with recipes. The book also contains a certificate from the International Institute that was located at 1008 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA. 


Format: Hardcover, 533 pages. 

Copyright: 1926 

Publisher: The John C. Winston Company 

Author: Jane Eayre Freyer and Alice M. Donnelly 

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Description: For those who wish to understand the "whys" of cookery it is believed that the chapters in this 1926 Mrs. Fryer's Cook Book that treat the principles of cookery, the balanced ration, diet for weight control, school lunches, and kindred topics, will be found especially helpful. 

Cookery is only part of the housewives' field of operation, therefore chapters have been added to this book on such practical subjects as Interior Decorating, including wall coverings, floor coverings, material for windows, etc. There is a very interesting chapter on the home budget system, a matter of very great importance in these days of high prices, when the adjustment of expenditures to income is often no easy matter. A chapter on sanitation is also included, giving practical advice on plumbing, drainage, ventilation and similar important matters. Some very valuable advice on buying is given to the housewife. There is a chapter on how to read gas and electric meters, and valuable advice is given on the proper food for children. 


Condition: Good condition. Binding a bit looser in opening chapter. 

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