Mrs Chard's Almanac Cookbook Hollyhocks and Radishes

Mrs Chard's Almanac Cookbook - Hollyhocks and Radishes was awarded the Benjamin Franklin Award three times -- best desktop design, best interior design and best cookbook. This is a very popular cookbook that shares the dishes of Mrs Chard, a produce stand owner in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. 


Format: Softcover, 307 pages 

Copyright: 1990. Third impression 

Publisher: Pickle Point Publishing Belleveu 

Author: Bonnie Stewart Mickelson 

ISBN: 9780962241208

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Description: A unique look at a little known corner of America, Michigan's beautiful Upper Peninsula, where the simple values of life... family, friends, the good earth and the good food it produces... still abide. 

Julia Ratliff Chard is known as Judy or Gramma Judy to her multitude of friends, but respectfully called Mrs. Chard by her delighted summer customers. She and her husband Mary have enjoyed 64 years of a truly fulfilled life together, almost all of it spent in a beautiful and uniquely pristine corner of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan that could be the crossroads of yesterday hidden in anyone's heart. 

For some years, Mrs. Chard has operated a charming little produce stand for summer visitors to the Les Cheneaux Islands. Nestled in the shade of maple and tamarack trees, against a backdrop of the giant sunflowers that frame her bountiful garden, it and the warm personalities of the Chards immediately invite one into a world of nostalgia and tranquility. 

The stand, with its uncontrived, richly colorful arrays of vegetables and fruits, interspersed with hollyhocks and marigolds, inspired this book, which is a compilation of happy thoughts and memories of good times and good food. It reflects an unaffected approach to good cooking that can still be enjoyed today. 

The chapters are introduced by a series of letters that Mrs. Chard has written the author about her garden and the stand, her family and the community. The recipes, many truly unique, include quite contemporary treatments of fresh vegetables and fruits, and an exciting collection of unusual soups, plus entree dishes that run the gamut from Wilderness Bay Whitefish Salad to Chicken and Apples in Cider and Cream to Wild, Duck Roasted with Pineapple. There are old-fashioned desserts to stir sweet memories... Mama's Prune Cake, Sugar Cream Pie... adapted to today's modes of eating whenever possible; and understated ones such as Broiled Raspberries or Caramel Pears. 

Presented by award-winning editor/author, Bonnie Stewart Mickelson, and written with her acclaimed style of clarity and integrity toward thorough recipe testing, Hollyhocks and Radishes will appeal to the inveterate cookbook collector and welcome even the timorous cook into the kitchen. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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