Mrs. Appleyard's Kitchen Cookbook

Mrs. Appleyard's Kitchen Cookbook is the first volume from the Mrs. Appleyard book series. Inside the author, Louise Andrews Kent shares her recipes. She wrote under the pen name of Mrs. Appleyard. 


Format: Softcover, 319 pages. 

Copyright: 1974 

Publisher: Keats Publishing, Inc. 

Author: Louise Andrews Kent 

ISBN: 9780879830922

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Description: Mrs. Appleyard's Kitchen is the real heart of the old house at Appleyard Center, rich with memories of thousands of meals prepared there, exciting with the promise of the latest dish that most imaginative and individual of cooks is preparing for her family today. 

In this first volume of the beloved Mrs. Appleyard series, the author shares both memories and dishes with her readers, telling about family dinners, picnics and parties, along with giving her own recipes for the best eating in Vermont (or or anywhere!) from appetizers through desserts. 

All cookbooks are more or less good at telling you what to do. Mrs. Appieyard's joyful celebration of the best food and its loving preparation makes you realize why you do it. 


Condition: Good condition with some small creases on the covers. 

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