Most Honorable Chinese Recipes Cookbook - 1963

Most Honorable Chinese Recipes Cookbook was published in 1963. This cookbook offers chefs and home cooks 100 Chinese recipes from a variety of regions - Shanghai to Szechuan to Canton, and more. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 140 pages

Copyright: 1963

Publisher: Avenel Books 

Author: Yu Wen Mei and Charlotte Adams 

ISBN: 9780517140000

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Description: 100 Most Honorable Chinese Recipes presents the greatest classical recipes of China, many of them for the first time in English. All five major "schools" of Chinese cooking are represented—Shanghai, Peking, Yang Chow, Szechwan, and, of course, Canton. 

Yu Lin Chuan, one of Old China's most renowned restaurateurs, has selected these recipes, all of which were translated by his daughter, Yu Wen Mei, and carefully tested by Charlotte Adams (acknowledged by many as a "gourmet's gourmet") to ensure ease of preparation by American homemakers. 

Although the Chinese usually serve several dishes at one dinner (a gala Chinese dinner party would include four cold wine dishes, four hot wine dishes, four main dishes, one soup, and one dessert), 100 Most Honorable Chinese Recipes offers a wealth of recipes which can be served alone or with one other dish, perhaps accompanied by rice. 

The following taste-tempting dishes are only a small sample of the wide variety of Chinese cooking offered by 100 Most Honorable Chinese Recipes. Every recipe is identified as to its provincial. 

  • Savory chicken, crabmeat and cucumber salad, and quail with rice (Shanghai).
  • Chicken with walnuts, water-lily soup, spun apples, and a rice dish called "pearl balls" (Peking).
  • Jellied lamb, strawberry shrimp balls, winter melon soup, and crab-meat lion head (Yang Chow).
  • Diced chicken with peppers, pickled vegetables, and shredded pork soup (Szechuan).
  • Sweet and sour sauce, aromatic roast duck, stuffed mushrooms with oyster sauce, barbecued spareribs, and Chinese sausages (Canton).

100 Most Honorable Chinese Recipes has many special features: a chapter defining rare ingredients and clarifying cooking instructions, a chapter devoted to explaining authentic Chinese cooking utensils with suggested American substitutes, and a list of mail-order shops that will supply ingredients not found in a good supermarket. Five full-page drawings, by Yu Wen Mei, enhance the beauty of the book. 

Many interesting traditions can be observed in Chinese cooking. For example, noodles, which signify long life, are usually served at a birthday celebration. Stuffed clams, which represent gold, wealth, and prosperity, are a customary dish at the celebration of Chinese New Year. These and other notes make 100 Most Honorable Chinese Recipes fascinating as well as instructive reading. 


Condition: Cover has some frayed corners and small tears. Further good condition. 

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