The Moroccan Collection Cookbook

The Moroccan Collection: Traditional Flavors From Northern Africa offers some of the most flavorful and sensual food in the world; it appeals to the sense of smell, sight, and taste in a way that other cuisines can't match. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 144 pages. 

Copyright: 1998 

Publisher: Soma Books 

Author: Hilaire Walden 

ISBN: 9781579590178

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Description: Hearty and spicy or heady and fragrant, Moroccan food exudes piquant flavors and exotic aromas. The Moroccan Collection transports its readers into the vibrance and vitality of the northern African marketplace and introduces them to some of the world's most sensual foods. 

The Moroccan markets, or souks, are filled with fragrant spices; bright, colorful vegetables and fruits; fresh, shimmering seafood; and the savory scents of grilled meats and poultry. An introduction to this bountiful array of ingredients is only the first step on author Hilaire walden's magical culinary exploration of North African cuisine. 

Moroccan food draws its influence from the diverse populations in the cities, along the coast, and across the countryside. Popular among Moroccan city-dwellers, slow-cooked casseroles like Chicken Tagine with Almonds will greet your senses with the subtle yet luxurious aroma of saffron and a hint of garlic. The Mediterranean and Atlantic coastal villages yield a wide variety of fish that are prepared in wonderfully spiced sauces like Tuna in Red Pepper and Olive Sauce, or prepared simply with fresh herbs as in Monkfish with Mint. 

In both the cities and the countryside villages, Moroccan hospitality is legendary. Providing a sumptuous meal for family, friends, or even a casual guest is common practice, as a meal that can be quickly prepared, like Lamb Kebabs and Eggplant Puree or a feast that requires a bit more preparation time, like the magnificent Stuffed Baked Lamb and Couscous with Roast Vegetables. Any of these savory meals can be rounded out with basic sweet desserts like Almond pastry or Rosewater Pudding and a cup of fresh Mint Tea. 

With over 100 enticing recipes and beautiful color photographs, The Moroccan Collection will invite the magical flavors of the Moroccan marketplace into your kitchen and onto your table. 


Condition: Back of dust jacket has a few small patches of worn laminate. Further, good condition. 

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