Marlboro Cookbook Morning Fires Evening Lights

The beautifully designed Marlboro Cookbook, Morning Fires Evening Lights, is part of Philip Morris company's series of colorful cookbooks. Available only through the Marlboro Miles catalog with points, this recipe book is considered a collectible. In it you'll find over 180 recipes for American and barbecue dishes for all meals. The book also contains poster-style inserts. 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 187 pages 

Copyright: 1998 

Publisher: Philip Morris, Inc. 

Author: Philip Morris 

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Description: The fires start early here. They almost never wait for dawn. And flavor is always the order of the day. In the camps on the range, there will be Fire Cooks Steak and Eggs, 3-Grain Pancakes and an Iron Skillet Breakfast or two. In the towns, there will be orders for Scrambled Egg Omelets, Blue Cornmeal Bread and Deep Dish Apple Squares served up alongside big helpings of coffee and easy conversation. 

Cookhouses, ranch kitchens and high country camps have appetites for everything from solo recipes like Planked Trout and Biscuit on a Stick, to endless helpings of Chili Beef and Ibiato Bake or Texas Baked Beans. There are more elegant meals, like the Sirloin Steak you'll find in the Snake River Cattleman's Association chapter. And pepper recipes with all the fire of the Southwest. You'll find it all in here, along with special sections on Canning and Preserving Cast Iron Cooking and the Holidays. There's even one on the 4th of July, a day with so much celebration built into it, some call it Cowboy Christmas. 

There are over 180 recipes in Morning Fires, Evening Lights. Every one of them fully tested. With tips, techniques and proven methods where you need them. Because these are the recipes of Marlboro Country. Where all that counts is flavor. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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