More Taste Than Money Cookbook

More Taste Than Money is a vintage cookbook with 350 recipes for are easy-to-prepare meals that won't break the bank. One-dish soups, skillet suppers, hamburger recipes, spaghetti dishes, and more are all inside More Taste Than Money. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket and plastic protective sleeve, 328 pages

Copyright: 1975

Publisher: Little, Brown and Company

Author: Harriet Hands

ISBN: 9780316343183

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Description: More Taste Than Money is a cookbook whose timeliness increases with each passing say -- a guide to producing nutritious, delicious meals while food prices continue to skyrocket and a dollar buys less and less at the supermarket. Harriet Hands presents not only a way of cooking but a basic concept: the cost of genuine food is considerably reduced if you are willing to take the time and trouble to prepare it from scratch. 

More Taste Than Money contains 350 recipes, all reasonably simple to prepare, designed to suit any occasion or any budget. There are stocks and hearty meal-in-a-dish soups, skillet suppers, a dozen fine hamburger recipes, a variety of sauces for spaghetti. Because she gardens, Mrs. Hands respects vegetables and shows ways of preparing them with little or no water. There are also quick breads and yeast breads, sauces, relishes and preserves, and delicious desserts. 

More Taste Than Money tells you how to make ice cream from snow and catsup from a surfeit of tomatoes. For anyone with more taste than money -- and that includes almost everyone who cooks at home -- this invaluable handbook for success in the kitchen will make everyday eating more enjoyable and healthful, even on a slim budget. 


Condition: Good condition. Very small, fine pen scratch on outside of pages (seen when book is shut).


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