Moosewood Restaurant Cooks For a Crowd

Moosewood Restaurant Cooks For a Crowd offers 250 recipes that are Moosewood's most popular dishes. Each has a vegetarian emphasis and all are designed for a group of 24 people or more. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 500 pages. 

Copyright: 1996 

Publisher: Gramercy 

Author: The Moosewood Collective 

ISBN: 9780517228029

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Description: The past three decades have been marked by a steady and rapid increase in the demand for vegetarian and ethnic cuisine -- in quantity -- at parties, at catered events, and in restaurants of all descriptions. Responding to this demand has been particularly difficult -- most vegetarian dishes are usually prepared in small quantities, ingredients can be hard to find, and the nutritional content of vegetarian dishes is quite different from that of conventional fare. 

After two decades of dedicated exploration, Moosewood Restaurant, in its singular fashion, created a mostly vegetarian cookbook for large groups. This book combines Moosewood's legendary cuisine with the dietary and practical considerations important to foodservice professionals. Now you can create vegetarian meals in quantity, featuring restaurant-quality dishes that have already been proven to satisfy the most discriminating vegetarian palates. 

Many of the more than 250 recipes that fill these pages are Moosewood's most famous and most requested dishes. These include hearty stews, savory pastries, festive holiday fare, pasta dishes, and main-dish salads. Each dish is a delight in color, texture, and flavor, and all of the recipes have been prepared in quantity in the Moosewood kitchen. 

This book speaks directly to cooks -- both amateur and professional -- regardless of their familiarity with vegetarian cooking. The straightforward recipes are easy to follow, use simple procedures and equipment, and each one is accompanied by a comprehensive nutritional analysis. The book provides a number of suggestions for enhancing the flavor of reduced-fat meals, and the Guide to Ingredients is a valuable reference tool for anyone who wants to learn more about the basics of vegetarian and ethnic cuisine. 

This outstanding cookbook also provides: 

  • A menu planning section that discusses the quality and availability of ingredients you will need to create seasonal and ethnic menus 
  • Measurements of ingredients listed in both weight and volume 
  • A vegetarian pyramid that pairs vegetarian meals with nutritional needs 
  • A list of nondairy and vegetarian recipes 


Condition: Good condition. Jacket has a light, thin scratches. 

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