Secrets of Caveman Cooking for the Modern Caveman

Secrets of Caveman Cooking for the Modern Caveman offers recipes for grills and smokers. Foods like Yabba-Dabba-Do Ribs, Shish Kabobs, Cajun Corn, Ginger Swordfish, and Beer Can Chicken are a few of the recipes inside this fun cookbook. 


Format: Softcover spiral bound, 93 pages. 

Copyright: 2001 

Publisher: Golden West Publishers 

Author: Rick Snider 

ISBN: 9781885590848

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Description: Ancient cavemen had to track down their food, kill it and eat it raw. Then, when that first bolt of lightning caught a tree on fire, man learned cooked food tasted a whole lot better. Now, in Secrets of Caveman Cooking, you'll learn how to cook real caveman food -- ribs so big they'll flip Fred Flintstone's car, burgers take two hands to eat and steaks the size of a dinner plate.

You'll also team how to smoke a turkey, barbecue shrimp, make pizza and, even, banana splits! Modern cavemen can now prepare an entire meal; if you can cook it on the stove or in an oven, you can prepare it on a grill or inside a smoker! 

Recipes include dishes like: Flank Steaks with Rum, Turkey Burgers, Chicken Parmesan, Beer-Can Chicken, Chicken Vegetable Kabobs, Yabba-Dabba-Do Ribs,Tropical Pork Chops, Roast Rack of Lamb, Lamb Chops, Shish Kabobs, Barbecued Salmon, Rustler T-Bones, Blackened Swordfish, Moose Steaks, Smoked Ham, Bear and Beer Steaks, Chicken Fajitas, Carnivore's Pizza, Caveman Crispy Fries, Banana Split, Steak & Eggs ,Grilled PB and J's, and many more! 


Condition: Good condition. 

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