Middle Eastern Cooking

Over 100 recipes are showcased in this beautiful Middle Eastern Cooking, a cookbook that truly makes you hungry just browsing it and looking at the photos. There are all kinds of interesting recipes inside this cookbook including Salata Arabieh salad, Herb and Nut Omelet, Persian Casserole with Prunes, and Almond Fingers, and Umm Ali (which looking too delicious to describe). 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 152 pages. 

Copyright: 1994 

Publisher: Smithmark Publishers 

Author: Christine Osborne 

ISBN: 9780831715625

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Description: In Middle Eastern Cooking Christine Osborne explores what she calls "the belly of the Orient", presenting the most easily prepared and typical Middle Eastern dishes which she has sampled on her travels. 

The Middle East has one of the world's greatest cuisines and, until recently, one of the least well known. Closer links have now introduced western palates to a new and exciting range of foods, from the chickpea and fish roe purées familiar to many as hummus and taramasalata to more elaborate and exotic dishes such as duck in walnut and pomegranate sauce. 

The people of the Middle East are a complex combination of many cultures and civilizations, all with a common heritage and a shared love of food. Middle Eastern hospitality is famed the world over. Both the wealthy sheikh and the humble bedouin will seize any opportunity to entertain a guest as lavishly as he can. 

In this beautifully illustrated book, there are over 100 recipes, starting with mouth-watering mezze or appetizers, and proceeding through delicious main courses to scrumptious desserts and sweetmeats. The recipes come from all the fascinating countries of the Middle East -- from Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States and Oman. 

The author's striking photographs of places, people and lifestyles complement the beautiful food photographs of Theo Bergström. Souk and studio have joined forces to produce this magnificent book. 

Middle Eastern Cooking is a delicious combination of food, fact and folklore. It is a wonderful source of fresh ideas and inspiration for cooks of all levels of expertise. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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