Finest in Middle East Recipes Cookbook

Over 100 recipes are featured inside the Finest in Middle East Recipes cookbook, along with some spices and herbs and some stories of folklore origin. Lebanese roots and recipes include food from multiple regions with standouts like Sheeshporek (Dumplings - Laban), Syrian Bread (Khubz), and Katen Gen Mihshee (Stuffed Eggplants), and Ghoorabie (Cookies). 


Format: Softcover spiral bound, 151 pages. 

Copyright: 1968 

Publisher: Yasmine Betar 

Author: Yasmine Betar 

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Description: Finest in Middle East Recipes cookbook features some interesting and healthful recipes from the Middle East handed down from generation to generation, unwritten but popularly used throughout the world. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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