Mexican Family Cooking

The Mexican Family Cooking cookbook offers more than 260 recipes for Mexican dishes from authentic meals to tacos and Mole Poblano. Learn the secrets to preparing your own tortillas, and chips too! 


Format: Softcover, 385 pages 

Copyright: 1986, First Edition 

Publisher: Ballantine Books 

Author: Aida Gabilondo 

ISBN: 9780449906835

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Description: I think the cuisine of my country is one of the most exciting in the world." So writes Aida Gabilondo as she takes us on a culinary adventure through the wonderful cuisine of her native Mexico -- from the hearty beef dishes of the northern cattle ranches to the delicate seafood specialties of the coastal states. A well-known Mexican cook who has taught cooking in her native country, Ms. Gabilondo shares over 260 mouthwatering Mexican dishes -- not just the popular tacos and enchiladas but the full range of enticing, authentic dishes that accomplished Mexican cooks prepare in their own homes. Here is the very best of Mexican cooking, in recipes and easy-to-follow instructions written with the needs of the American cook in mind. 

From the Northern state of Chihuahua comes a delicious beef stew called Cadillo. The tropical port of Veracruz, home to some of Mexico's best seafood restaurants, gives us a zesty Red Snapper baked in a sauce of tomato, pimento, and jalapefio peppers. Ms. Gabilondo offers a mouth-watering version of the classic Mole Poblano (chicken in a spicy sauce subtly flavored with chocolate) as well as a delectable Chicken Fricassee with Green Pumpkinseed Sauce -- two highlights of the Mexican cook's repertoire. She also has a wonderful and contagious flair for Fiesta dishes: gala preparations for special occasions from weddings to Christmas parties to picnics. Here's where you'll find the recipes she's most passionate about -- Mexican Moussaka, exuberant Chicken Tablecloth Stainer, glorious Royal Crepes and, for a carnival of colors, Shrimp, Pineapple, and Jalapeno Salad. 

You'll delight in learning Ms. Gabilondo's secrets for making fresh, tasty corn tortillas and using them in such fabulous dishes as Green Enchiladas (enchiladas stuffed with chicken and cheese and served with a tangy green tomatillo sauce). Tortillas also become tacos, tostados, and burritos, and there is a host of delicious fillings -- beef, chicken, pork, and cheese -- for each. You'll even learn to make your own tortilla chips! 

Elegantly designed and beautifully illustrated, this marvelous cookbook is a complete cooking course and more -- the story of one woman's love affair with her superb native cuisine. Throughout, Aida Gabilondo tells us her thoughts about food, and shares With us her memories of her childhood in Mexico. She relates the origins of a dish, and the local lore and custom, so that we learn not just about the food but also about the magnificent Mexican landscape, culture, and people. 

It won't be long before the delectable aroma of Mexican cooking fills your kitchen and you start your own delicious tradition of Mexican family cooking. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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