Meta Given's Modern Encyclopedia of Cooking Vol 1

Meta Given's Modern Encyclopedia of Cooking Volume 1 is the 1959 new revised edition. This the one of two books in the encyclopedia so it ends at covers A to part of F: Appetizers, Beverages, Breads, Cake, Candy, Cereals, Cheese, Cookies, Croquettes, Desserts, Eggs and Fish (all the good stuff...). 


Format: Hardcover, 736 pages 

Copyright: 1959, Volume One 

Publisher: J.G. Ferguson Publishing Company 

Author: Meta Given 

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Description: Here is a book so clearly written that it will tempt the beginner as well as the experienced cook into the kitchen to try the enticing recipes it contains. It plans the meals, guides the shopping, supplies tested recipes, and keeps the total cost within modest budget limits. 

Each menu is built around an adequate dietary pattern, which contributes so much to the health and happiness of the entire family. The new Meta Given Modern Encyclopedia of Cooking shatters all old ideas about cooking guides because it is actually a thrilling new approach to the whole problem of planning and preparing daily meals. It shows a step-by-step procedure for each recipe which will insure a delightful result for either the amateur or the experienced cook. 

By the liberal use of technique pictures Miss Given makes the preparation of food a joy and pleasure for all. Her book has a special importance for every homemaker, teacher, dietitian, or student of Home Economics.  

How To Use This Book  

The encyclopedia arrangement of this book makes it the easiest-to-use cookbook ever published.  

Alphabetically arranged by chapter, and by subject within chapters, and by recipe within subjects. Recipes cross referenced by actual page numbers to charts, necessary general information, other recipes, etc.  

Superbly illustrated with photographs which are numbered among the finest food pictures ever made. They are a thrilling visual guide to cooking, showing how dishes should be prepared to make full use of their possibilities for striking appearance and pleasing, colorful arrangement in combination with other foods. Included are many detailed, step by step "How to Do It" illustrations. Many photographs are magnificently reproduced in full color.   

Also included are many charts and tables containing the very latest knowledge available on vitamin content and caloric value, plus guides for buying, etc., based on information from the foremost scientific food research authorities.  

The recipes have all been carefully tested and retested. They represent the best of Miss Given's long experience in developing the beautiful and enticing dishes which have made her famous among professional and amateur cooks as well as some of America's greatest food distributors. The Modern Encyclopedia of Cooking is actually a valuable, illustrated course in the culinary arts.  


Condition: Good condition. Cover's edges have some worn material. 

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