Meta Given Modern Family Cookbook 1958

Meta Given Modern Family Cookbook from 1958 makes for a great collectible. Givens is one of the few food writers and chefs of the past that remains popular with today's cookbook market. You'll enjoy this cookbook that offers menus for each month of the year. 


Format: Hardcover, 632 pages 

Copyright: 1958

Publisher: J. G. Ferguson and Associates 

Author: Meta Given 

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Description: Meta Given Modern Family Cookbook provides cooks with menus for one week in every month of the year, and a simple recipe for every cooked food listed in the menus. Given was known for her ten years writing a syndicated newspaper column called "Easy Preparation of Good Food and Nutritious Meals. She concocted recipes at ten years of age in her home in the Ozarks. 


Condition: Good condition with some wear along the edges of the cover cloth.

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