Thomas Kinkade Memories From Grandmother's Kitchen Children's Cookbook

Thomas Kinkade Memories From Grandmother's Kitchen is a children's cookbook that engages grandchild with grandmother. It allows for Grandmother to interact and add her own recipes, along with the child's journal entries into the journal-cookbook combined and unique book. 


Format: Hardcover with wire interior binding and tabbed dividers, 120 pages. 

Copyright: 2004 

Publisher: Tommy Nelson 

Author: Tama Fortner, Thomas Kindkade artist 

ISBN: 9781400302048

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Description: Memories from Grandmother's Kitchen invites both grandmother and grandchild to sprinkle their own treasured moments throughout this unique journal-cookbook as they crease joyous occasions. Seasonally themed chapters with favorite culinary traditions include areas for Grandmother to add her own prized recipes. Thomas Kinkade lends his breathtaking artistry to this family journal-cookbook that is sure to nourish the heart and mind for generations to come. 


Condition: Good condition with minor creases in cover. Opening page has a few tiny spots where ink from opposing cover pages rubbed. 

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