Recipes From the Melting Pot

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Format: Hardcover, 168 pages. 

Copyright: 1965 

Publisher: The Ward Richie Press 

Author: Pam and Charles Nicolai 

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Description: The United States has long been called "the melting pot of the world." It is a title we wear proudly, and through our history we have extracted the best of the traditions and cultures of the people from many lands who are now known as Americans. 

An important part of our heritage is our cuisine. From England, from France, from Italy and Spain; from Germany, Russia, Hungary; from The Netherlands, the East Indies, and the Orient have come parents and grandparents, great grandparents and even earlier forebears, each bringing with them their favorite regional recipes to add to "the pot." 

For many years these recipes were principally confined to certain areas where people of a particular national background had settled, such as the Pennsylvania Dutch or the Germans of Milwaukee and St. Louis; the Spanish communities of California, Florida, or along the Mexican border; or the Italian sections of our big cities. Only in these locales were the special ingredients easily available. 

Today, however, population shifts have scattered these cultural groups across the nation, and modern marketing methods make practically every basic cooking ingredient universally available. 

Pizza has become as American as apple pie; and chili, tacos, and spaghetti vie with hot dogs or hamburgers for popularity. The too or more recipes we have collected here are satisfying and exciting. With a few exceptions, they are not difficult to prepare. 

We gratefully acknowledge the help of our many friends across the country who, in their homes or in their restaurants, have fed us so beautifully -- and, when we were full and happy, have shared with us the secrets of their kitchens handed down to them from the past. 


Condition: Good condition. Blank cover page has a small stain. 

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