Oranges and Lemons Mediterranean Recipes

Oranges & Lemons cookbook offers tasty recipes from the Mediterranean from Lemon Couscous to Spanakopitta to Tarte Au Citron. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 144 pages. 

Copyright: 2001 

Publisher: Sterling Publishing Co. 

Author: Diana Miller and Sarah Woodward 

ISBN: 9781840912159

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Description: Oranges and lemons are miraculous flavor catalysts think of the effect a small squeeze of lemon has on fish or chicken and key ingredients in their own right. The sharp zest of lemons or the juice of sweet oranges can work their magic on savory and sweet dishes alike from simple classics such as Greek avgolémono soup and English marmalade to more exotic recipes such as Moroccan tagine of chicken and Italian lemon liqueur. 

To Sarah Woodward, oranges and lemons capture the spirit of the Mediterranean -- simple ingredients bursting with fresh flavor and fragrance. In Oranges & Lemons she has gathered inspiration from her travels from Spain to the Lebanon -- to compile a selection of orange and lemon dishes to suit all tastes and abilities. Each recipe begins with a personal introduction by the author and the mood is further enhanced by stunning color photography. 

Historical facts and anecdotes about citrus-growing regions, their culinary traditions, and the use of ingredients are scattered throughout the book. Readers will learn, for example, about the seventeenth-century bon viveur Sir Kennelm Digby, who seems to have poisoned his wife but also created delicious -- and perfectly safe orange-flavored broths, as well as leaving behind some fascinating notes on the cooking of his time. 

The book also includes practical general advice on buying and using oranges and lemons, a survey of different types, from Amalfi lemons to Seville oranges, and the fascinating story of how these highly versatile fruits journeyed right around the world to find their way into our kitchens. 

In Oranges & Lemons Sarah Woodward not only offers up a wonderful selection of citrus-based dishes, but also provides an inspiring read, guaranteed to bring a little zest and sunshine to the most tired of palates. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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