Mary Meade's Magic Recipes Osterizer Cookbook - Blender

Mary Meade's Magic Recipes Osterizer Cookbook is a vintage cookbook with more than 500 blender recipes. It's the vintage version of a Vita-Mix blender where you can cook with a blender. Herein you'll find step-by-step techniques. 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 256 pages. 

Copyright: 1952 

Publisher: The Bobbs-Merrill Company, Inc. 

Author: Ruth Ellen Church 

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Description: Mary Meade's Magic  Recipes Osterizer Cookbook are more than 500 new blender recipes of incomparable "gourmet" flavors and textures (many would be impossible by any other method), all easily achieved by "cooking with a blender." 

Mary Meade's name is synonymous with delicious cooking. Ruth Ellen Church is Mary Meade, whose famous food columns are read daily and have been fol- lowed by thousands of readers for many years. 

This well-rounded selection of Mary Meade's Magic Recipes is completely a cookbook. It is not an exhaustive collection of blender "tricks." Inedible uses have been omitted. "Special diets" or "unusual" concoctions are not stressed. Mrs. Church, who is a housewife as well as a professional home economist, is more interested and enthusiastic about the blender-method for preparing family meals and company refreshments in the average American household. 

No matter which brand of blender you own, you may follow any recipe in this book with complete confidence. There are dishes so palate-tingling, yet so practical, that you will serve them again and again. There are dozens of suggestions for adding sparkling delight and variety to everyday menus. 

Mary Meade's Magic Recipes for the Electric Blender is a cookbook with "personality." The author makes some informal comment about every recipe. All are written in the modern "step-by-step" method. 

Recipes are easy to find. Both chapters and recipes within chapters are in alphabetical order. 

This book represents the latest, most up-to-the-minute research on blender-cooking. Although the author endorses no one particular brand, she has had access to the recipe research of all the blender manufacturers against which to check her personal tests. 


Condition: Dust jacket has some frays. The book is in good condition by vintage standards with a nice interior. 

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