Mary Meade's Modern Homemaker Cookbook

Mary Meade's Modern Homemaker vintage cookbook, a 1966 edition, was penned by Ruth Ellen Church, aka Mary Meade of the Chicago Tribune. The cookbook was written with the busy homemaker in mind--focused on meals made with minimal preparation. The cook book is the equivalent of today's meals in minutes or quick-and-easy meals books. 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 379 pages 

Copyright: 1966. Book Club Edition 

Publisher: Rand McNally & Company 

Author: Ruth Ellen Church 

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Description: Mary Meade's Modern Homemaker cook book has been written for those who want to prepare interesting, attractive, and appetizing meals with a minimum of time and effort. It is for the bride just starting her home-making career, for the busy young mother, for the working wife -- for everyone who wants to cook well, to cook quickly, and to enjoy it. 

Ruth Ellen Church, the "Mary Meade" of the Chicago Tribune, tells how to make use of all sorts of time-saving shortcuts available to the modern homemaker -- the mixes and prepared canned or frozen foods, instant seasonings and dips, etc. -- and shows how these can be used to create exciting, flavorful new dishes. A unique feature is the addition of suggestions for dishes that "go with" all the principal recipes. In other words, just pick out your main dish, and you will find the whole meal planned for you. 

There are eleven sections in the book, beginning with Appetizers and ending with Desserts. Preliminaries to each chapter explain reasons for certain practices, and describe the hows and whys of success and failure. Like the earlier Mary Meade's Country Cookbook also by Ruth Ellen Church, this is a book every lover of good food will want for daily use. 


Condition: The interior is in good condition. Dust jacket has some tears along corners. 

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