Martin Yan A Wok For All Seasons Cookbook - Signed

Martin Yan a Wok For All Seasons Cookbook makes for a great signed cookbook collectible. Here, Yan features recipes from his Yan Can Cook public television cooking series. Cantonese Barbecued Pork Ribs, Shanghai Chow Mein, Cashew Pork, and Nesting Scallops are just a sampling of the recipes that await you inside Martin Yan's A Wok For All Seasons cookbook. 


Format: Softcover, 180 pages - autographed and inscribed by Martin Yan 

Copyright: 1988 

Publisher: Doubleday 

Author: Martin Yan 

ISBN: 9780385243865

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Description: Teaching cooking and writing about cooking is a two-way street. For all the years that I have been teaching Chinese cooking in person and on television, I have also been learning, absorbing new ideas from Western cuisines into my own personal cooking style. These ideas come from many sources. 

Of course, I still practice and teach the classic Chinese techniques and dishes I learned when growing up. Whenever I travel, both in North America and in Asia, I take every opportunity to work alongside Chinese master chefs, gaining new insights into the ancient traditions of Chinese cooking and observing how the cuisine evolves as it incorporates new ideas and new foods. 

Like restaurant chefs, home cooks today have a much greater range of ingredients and flavors to choose from in creating Chinese dishes and menus. This kind of contemporary, internationally inspired Chinese cooking is the subject of the seventh season of Yan Can Cook on public television, and of this new collection of recipes, A Wok For All Seasons. 

The shows on this year's series have been organized around a single theme, such as Harvest from the Garden (an assortment of seasonal vegetable dishes) or My Mom's Favorites, some of the dishes I grew up loving. There are also shows on how to Cook Ahead, or what to do when you have No Time to Shop. There is a special romantic Dinner for Two, plus a Dinner for Four, A Banquet Experience, and A Chinese Picnic. Every recipe featured in the shows appears in this book; for those who want to follow along with the recipes while watching, the Index of Shows on pages 4 and 5 will refer you to the location of each week's recipes. 


Condition: Good condition. Cover has lightly creased corner tip. 

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