The Mark Twain Library Cook Book: A Treasury of Redding Recipes Vol 3

The Mark Twain Library Cook Book: A Treasury of Redding Recipes Vol 3 is the 1988 edition with recipes from the community in Redding. Here are New England dishes that honor and celebrate Mark Twain. Each recipe contains the name of its respective contributor. 


Format: Softcover spiral bound, 288 pages. 

Copyright: 1988 

Publisher: Wimmer Brothers 

Author: Pamela Starrett 

ISBN: 9780962012006

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Description: When Mark Twain returned form his travels, home to Stormfield in Redding, he handed his cook a long list of his favorite foods. How dearly he missed plain American cookery, the hearty no nonsense fair of his neighbors. Today with fewer farms and more people many Redding residents hail from far away lands. Their contribution to the 1988 edition of A Treasury of Redding Recipes, has provided a wealth of delicious, tried and true dishes. 

From Peruvian Lamb to Mark Twain's Sweet Mince Cake, there's a tempting array to please the most exacting palate. To pay homage to tradition and honor Mark Twain, this cookbook also includes some wonderful old New England recipes. Celebrate with the Mark Twain Library and the people of Redding through the 450 carefully selected culinary delights, the proven best from the kitchens of a New England town. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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