Maren's Pine Tavern Menus and Recipes Cookbook - Bend, Oregon

Guests of Bend Oregon's Pine Tavern restaurant will remember its food. In Maren's Pine Tavern Menus and Recipes Cookbook, the former operator Maren Gribskov has compiled her personal collection of recipes from the establishment along with those of friends and employees.  


Format: Softcover spiral bound, 138 pages. Nineth printing 

Copyright: 1988 

Publisher: Maverick Publications 

Author: Maren Gribskov and Eileen Donaldson 

ISBN: 9780892881314

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Description: In December 1936, Miss Gribskov established and until December, 1967, operated the regionally famous Pine Tavern restaurant in Bend, Oregon. That the town has become a favorite base for vacationers is in no small part due to the Pine Tavern. There, visitors along with three generations of Central Oregonians, have been hospitably welcomed and served food of unique excellence. 

A friend, Eileen Donaldson, was convinced that a cookbook featuring Maren's recipes would be a marketable item that was long overdue. She took over the editorship and succeeded in having the original Marin's Pine Tavern Menus and Recipes published in 1959. All of the recipes in this book came from the personal collection of Miss Gribskov including recipes donated by friends and employees (to whom we are all most grateful). The menus were planned by Miss Gribskov. There were no "secret" recipes.  

The Pine Tavern style of those years was the product of her talent and skill and that of the many fine cooks who have been on her staff. Her guiding principles were that meals should be balanced not only as to nutritional requirements but as to texture, flavor, and color; food must be pleasing in aroma, taste, consistency, and appearance; ingredients must be of good quality and be treated with respect. 


Condition: Cover, interior pages and spiral are in beautiful condition. 

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