Manhattan Chile Co. Southwest American Cookbook

Manhattan Chile Co. Southwest American Cookbook features 65 recipes that utilize chilies brought to you by the owner of the company, Michael McLaughlin. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 120 pages. 

Copyright: 1986 

Publisher: Crown 

Author: Michael McLaughlin 

ISBN: 9780517563175

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Description: This delectable collection of more than Southwest-American dishes is centered around "The Bowl of Red" and was created by chef Michael McLaughlin, a man Anthony Dias Blue has called "one of the world's leading authorities on chili. 

Naturally, chilies form the focus of the book: Numero Uno (the best chili in the universe); Texas Chain Gang Chili (for those who like it hottest); Abilene Choral Society and Guild Chili (for the faint of stomach); and Real McCoy (for the purists among us). Variations like Venison Chili with Black Beans, Orange Peel, and Sour Cream and Three-Bean Vegetable Chili add unique spice to the collection, while a history of chili and a look at various styles, ingredients, and techniques for creating the best "bowl of blessedness" around complete the chili section. 

While the chili dishes assure this book a place on any aficionado's pantry shelf, the appetizers, special entrees, and desserts catapult it into the realm of the extraordinary. For starters: Spiced Pepitas, Hot Wings with Green Dip, Jalapeno Shrimp Saute, and, of course, Salsa Fresca and Guacamole. On the side: Calico Corn Muffins (colored with red and green peppers), Drunken Beans, and Lime Salad Dressing. And for change-from-chili entrees: Chicken Tortilla Pie, Fajitas of Grilled Pork with Chiles Chipotles, Savory Spinach and Potato Flan, Crab Enchiladas Suiza, and Chilled White Bean Soup with Lime and Cilantro. To finish off -- even if you're stuffed: Margarita Pie, Kahlua Creme Brulee, Butterscotch Bread Pudding, and Apple-Rum Raisin Crisp. 

Mail-order sources for less-common ingredients and a list of national chili societies and chili periodicals make this the only source book any chili lover will ever need. It not only boasts the best chili recipes in the universe, with its mouth-watering collection of Southwest-American delights, it's a luscious guide to a "truly American" cuisine. 


Condition: There is a faint stain on the outside edges of the book's pages as seen when the book is shut. The pages themselves are clean, Further, good condition. 

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