Mama's Meichulim Jewish Cookbook - Vintage 1960

Vintage 1960 Mama's Meichulim Jewish cookbook makes traditional Jewish cooking easy. Author Sadie Rivkin shares her Kugels, Kishke, holiday cookies and more in this recipe treasure. As far as collectible used cookbooks go, this is one you won't see often. 


Format: Hardcover, 158 pages 

Copyright: 1960 

Publisher: Thomas Yoseloff 

Author: Sadie H. Rivkin 

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Additional Details

Description: Traditional Jewish cooking made easy is the aptly chosen subtitle of Sadie Rivkin's Mama's Meichulim Jewish cookbook. Inside the pages of this vintage recipe fine, you'll learn her secrets for a variety of Kugels, Knishes and other Jewish dishes following the traditions of the past. 


Condition: Bookboards and interior pages are in good condition. Dust jacket missing. Interior part of cover has some minor pen inscriptions. First blank page has black pen markings in the top right corner. 

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