Maida Heatter's Book of Great Cookies Cookbook

Maida Heatter's Book of Great Cookies cookbook offers recipes for one of the world's favorite sweets. Every kind of cookie imaginable can be found inside this treasury of recipes. Heatter is a top authority on desserts. If you enjoy baking cookies, this is the cookbook for you. 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket with protective plastic sleeve, 277 pages 

Copyright: 1977, Book Club Edition 

Publisher: Alfred A. Knopf 

Author: Maida Heatter 

ISBN: 9780394410210

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Description: Great Cookie News! 

With the same devotion, attention, and explicitness she applied to general desserts, Maida Heatter has gathered her superb recipes for every great cookie the cookie-lover loves -- everything from six variations on the classic Brownie, Plain Old-Fashioned Sugar Cookies, and Whole-Wheat Honey Wafers, to elegant Austrian Walnut Crescents, Tijuana Fiesta Cookies, Palm Island Brandy Snaps, and sinfully rich Fudge Daces (buttery shells filled with dark, baked-in chocolate).  

There are recipes by the score for all the classic cookie varieties, including Rolled (the kind you cut out with cookie cutters) and Hand-Formed; and some cookies, like macaroons ( chocolate and almond) and ladyfingers, that don't fit into any of the regular categories. Think of a great cookie -- you'll find a great recipe for it here. And there are gloriously inventive recipes for new kinds of cookies you'll instantly add to your repertoire. 

What makes Maida Heatter's recipes so special is that, besides being absolutely clear and perfectly worked out (if she says use two eggs graded Extra-Large or Jumbo, she means it -- so don't use Medium!), they provide precisely the kind of information that is so basic a part of cooking expertise most experts innocently (and incorrectly) take for granted everyone knows it. 

For instance, when she tells you that drop cookies are "probably the easiest of all cookies to make" she adds a note of caution that "the dough should not be dropped (or slopped) onto the cookie sheet. It should be placed carefully, gently, neatly" -- and she tells you the baking reason why. She points out for the hostess who might have unexpected Cookie Monsters coming to call that Chocolate Mint Sticks are not only delicious at room temperature but are especially good served directly from the freezer. She urges you to make and refrigerate more icebox-cookie dough than you need because you can always slice off a few to bake when you want them... . 

And in a special Before-You-Bake section, Maida Heatter shares the most useful of the professional tricks -- secrets of equipment, ingredients, and procedures -- she has accumulated over the years. There is everything here from her special way of preparing a pastry cloth, to the mailing address of her favorite cinnamon supplier, to her own way of storing cookies. 

In sum, working with Maida Heatter's instructions is like having her at your side in the kitchen to be your teacher, tinier, co-cook, and inspiration -- to guide your hand, to keep you from making mistakes, to answer your cooking questions before you think of asking. The result: delicious cookies every time. Follow her directions and you cannot fail. 

Here at last, Maida Heatter's Book of Great Cookies -- the ultimate collection of cookie recipes, a book that will be baked from, referred to, and treasured above all others in its field. 


Condition: Dust jacket has several tears. Further book in good condition. 

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