Maida Heatter Best Dessert Cookbook Ever

Maida Heatter Best Dessert Cookbook Ever brings you recipes for a range of desserts from chocolate cakes and cookies to international sweets like French tulipes and Italian biscotti. The author, the "first lady of desserts" does a great job in choosing desserts everyone is sure to love. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 432 pages 

Copyright: 1990 

Publisher: Random House 

Author: Maida Heatter 

ISBN: 9780394578323

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Description: "First lady of desserts" Maida Heatter is back, with a sixth, stunning cookbook that is, quite simply, her "best dessert book ever." Dense and decadent or airy and ethereal, these all-new recipes have a single common denominator: delectability.  

Chocoholics will revel in the chocolate cakes and cookies -- sixteen recipes each. (Don't miss the Rum Chocolate Truffle Roll.) Heatter's tube and loaf cakes go Grandmas one better, as in Black Pepper and Black Fig Ginger Cake or Espresso Date-Nut Loaf. "Light, Lighter, and Lightest Cakes" includes updated, sophisticated ver- sions of good old angellood and sponge. Pastry lovers will delight in flaky Free-form Apple Tartlets and Joe's Chocolate Fudge Pie, and yeast specialties like a best-ever Fruit and Nut Brioche Loaf and Mile-High Cinnamon Bread. 

For the cookie jar, there are butter cookies, bar cookies, and meringues galore, plus homey favorites like soft and chewy flourless oatmeal cookies and international classics like Italian biscottl and French tulipes and tuiles. New lakes on comfort foods -- three cheesecakes, two bread puddings, and a hot chocolate souffle -- are simply spectacular, while an array of fruit compotes, crumbles, crunches, and crisps make a fresh and pretty ending to a brunch, luncheon, or dinner party. 

For ice cream fans, there are more than two dozen ice creams, ice milks, ices, and frozen yogurts and mousses, from a white or dark chocolate ice cream studded with rum-soaked raisins to a delicate plum ice. On a less cool note, there are Tiramisu, terrines, and other refrigerator desserts, and to top it all off, a soda-fountain variety of plain and fancy sauces. As always, Heatter's advice and asides make welcome kitchen company and ensure culinary success each and every time. 


Condition:  First blank page has an owner's inscription in ink. Further good condition. 

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