Madden Lodge Minnesota Cookbook -Strawberries are Ripe

Madden Lodge Strawberries are Ripe cookbook contains 500 great recipes from the top of Wild Strawberry Hill in Minnesota. The book contains a range of recipes for all types of meals, but many of the dishes are sweets. Recipes contain a variety of ingredients. The opening chapter is dedicated to strawberry dishes, but the rest are a mix of other ingredients. 


Format: Softcover, 183 pages 

Copyright: 1967 

Publisher: Madden Lodge 

Author: Peg Madden 

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Description: Strawberries are ripening on picturesque Wild Strawberry Hill at the precise moment in June that this cookbook is rolling off the press. Our children, Peggy, Bill and Judy, together with their playmates, Pen, Gregg and Judy Johnson, dubbed this scenic spot overlooking Gull Lake, "Wild Strawberry Hill" when they were berrypicking youngsters. And five years ago my husband, Jack, and I built a lovely home, on top of this same beautiful hill. 

This cookbook called "Strawberries Are Ripe", is not a basic or beginners' book. It assumes you already know how to cook and it attempts to add variety and excitement to your worn-out menus. I hope you find some unusual, some international, some gourmet-type new recipes between its covers as well as a few treasured time-tested traditional ones. None of these recipes are repeats from the last cookbook. Some are lengthy, some are short. The last chapter in the book which is called "Quickies and Easies", will be one of the most popular, because aren't we all looking for things quick and easy in this speed-oriented world?


Condition: Good condition. 

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