Ma Chance's French Caribbean Creole Cooking

Ma Chance's French Caribbean Creole Cooking presents recipes from Ma Chance, a popular restaurant owner and chef from St. Martin in the Caribbean islands. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 159 pages. 

Copyright: 1985 

Publisher: Putnam Adult 

Author: Jeanne Louise Duzant Chance 

ISBN: 9780399130359

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Description: Never before have the French Caribbean islands enjoyed such tremendous popularity among Americans. After sun, sea, and hospitality, the foremost reason is probably cuisine. Ma Chance, a native of St. Martin in the French West Indies and a renowned restaurateur on the island for more than fifty years, has for the first time brought together her savory and unusual recipes, which draw upon chic French cuisine as well as the rich Caribbean tradition. 

Indescribable appetizers, munched by the dozen while you sit and sip a cool drink by the sea, can now be made at home -- fritters, stuffed fish patties, marinated oysters, stuffed escargots, and Ma Chance's own hot, hot pepper sauce. The peasant soups, from turtle or mutton stews to fish chowders or creamy breadfruit and onion soup, are hearty enough to add Caribbean warmth to meals on the coldest winter days. 

Of course, seafood is the main attraction in the Caribbean. And so you will find in Ma Chance's French Caribbean Creole Cookbook a wide range of baked, poached, stewed, deep fried, and sauteed seafood, and seafood salads as well. The stuffed kingfish is a dish for island royalty! 

A wide variety of poultry dishes, many with unexpected ingredients (try chicken and papaya), and a surprising assortment of meat recipes (from tame but delicious beef and dumplings to pickled pigs' ears), along with vegetable, dessert, and breakfast recipes -- all make this exciting new cookbook a valuable addition to the repertoire of ethnic cookbooks. 

Also included are lists of sources and substitutions for tropical ingredients, which will make Ma Chance's simple, appealing style of cooking accessible to everyone. 


Condition: Tear in jacket and edges slightly curling. Further good condition. 

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